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Welcome to Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc. Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc. (AFOP) designs and manufactures components, modules, and subsystems that empower dynamic optical network, and facilitate the migration of fiber optics from the long haul through the last mile. We offer a broad range of products including interconnect devices that are used to connect optical fibers and components, couplers and splitters that are used to divide and combine optical power, and dense wavelength division multiplexing, or DWDM, devices that separate and combine multiple specific wavelengths.

Interconnect Systems

Connectors, adapters, loopbacks, and patch couplers are precision devices that connect fiber optic cables together.

Couplers, WDMs, Splitters

Couplers and splitters (fused and PLC based), fused WDMs, and related optical products as well as customized integrated modules incorporating these devices.

DWDM & Other Filters

WDM, OADM, DWDM, and band filter components and modules that utilize thin film filter technologies to separate optical signals.

SpectraMux CWDM

SpectraMux CWDMs are integrated optical filter modules that provide the most economic and efficient wavelength division multiplexing solutions for metro edge and access networks.

VOAs, Attenuators

VOAs are specifically designed to be used with individual channel source elements such as add/drop transmitters in DWDM networks and attenuators control the optical power in a fiber.


Miniature Opto-Mechanical (MOM) switches insert or extract specific wavelengths in a DWDM system.

Micro Optic Devices

Micro Optic devices utilize precision collimator components to provide low loss optical functions such as isolation, tapping, or compound functions as in circulators.