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Variable Optical Attenuators (VOAs) &
Fixed Attenuators

Attenuators control the optical power in a fiber. They are often combined with an active system component to maintain a desired optical power on a network even if the power of the input signal is changing. We manufacture both electrically controlled and manual variable attenuators as well as several types of fixed attenuators.

Our VOAs are specifically designed to be used with individual channel source elements such as add/drop transmitters in DWDM networks. The cost and performance characteristics of our automatic variable optical attenuators are targeted to allow for the use of these devices in volume as principal DWDM channel power stabilization components. AFOP’s innovative iC'VOA uses a patent pending compensation technology to provide excellent performance at a very attractive price. For those who need adjustment at the lower cost, we have a manual version, which remains stable after setting the attenuation.

Our Fixed Optical Attenuators use attenuated fiber to reduce the optical power at a discrete level within a given optical path without interfering or reducing optical signal quality. Typically, this function is embedded in an optical connector or adapter element to simplify optical network installation. Our fixed attenuators are available as in line devices, as loop backs, or as patch couplers compatible with all major connector designs.

Variable Optical Attenuators (VOAs)

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Fixed Optical Attenuators

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