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Couplers, WDMs, & Splitters

AFOP's Couplers, WDMs, and QuickPath™ Splitters are branching devices used to distribute optical signals to multiple locations for processing. All our ultra low PDL couplers offer low levels of sensitivity to polarization. Our fused fiber WDM couplers provide a cost effective way to minimize loss and maximize wavelength isolation. AFOP also offers a full range of PLC devices incorporating our premium Fiber Array Units. These FAUs allow us to reduce IL and improve uniformity. We also offer attenuated PLCs which help control power levels in shorter FTTU or Broadband links. The evolution of optical components is driven by the increasing need for packaging density, module performance and overall cost effectiveness. We also design and build our Couplers, WDMs, and Splitters in integrated modules to reduce our customers' system design and manufacturing requirements.

Fused Couplers and WDMs

AFOP’s Optical Couplers are fused fiber branching devices tha...

PLC Splitters

QuickPath™ Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitters AFOP&r...