High Performance Fiber Optic Components, Integrated Modules for Optical Network Equipment - AFOP
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LC Family

In nearly all fiber optic networks, the optical fiber, passive optical components and active optical devices must be joined using optical interconnection systems. Our connectivity platform…

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AFOP's SpectraMux® Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexers, or CWDM, are integrated optical filter modules using AFOP’s Free Space Optical Bench technology. The Compact CWDM platform offers the…

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AFOP’s QuickPath ™ PLC Optical Splitters reduce insertion loss and deliver high performance. We believe these devices enable more effective monitoring and management of optical networks.…



Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc. (AFOP), we're building the future of communications. We design, manufacture and market a broad range of high performance fiber optic components and integrated modules for the optical network equipment market. Our products enable emerging and leading communications equipment manufacturers to deliver optical networking systems to the rapidly growing long-haul, metropolitan and last-mile access segments of the communications network.